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The mission of Gospel Living Outreach (GLO) Ministry is one of sharing God’s Love, Care, and Concern with the poor, the forgotten, and those in need. The Ministry is simply one of living out the Word of God through action with faith, recognizing the dignity of every individual by: 

Providing a meal to those who hunger....

Providing some clothing as protection from the elements...

Providing hygiene products for their physical health….

Providing an ear to those who wish to talk....


First, my vision is not to become famous or a legend with a plaque engraved on my tombstone. It is a vision of following a dream of simplicity. A vision that strives to learn, understand, and then live the Gospel Message. No world riches or fame, but a heart for the poor, the forgotten, and those trying to make a life. 

Then in some small and subtle way, to be an encouragement to others who in turn will continue to live out this vision/ministry with growing love in their hearts for every individual regardless of color, status, or misfortune by the choices they made.

No facet of this vision is a given nor is it easy. It is a daily ongoing step at a time.

How do you know me?

Jn 1:48

“To know Jesus, first you have to find Him. In a world that places a high premium on success and money, finding Jesus amid the clutter of our society is difficult at best. Mother Theresa saw Jesus in the faces of the poor she served in the slums of Calcutta. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t pass a woman or a man on the side of the road asking for food or money. Is this an encounter with Jesus or just someone unwilling to work? I know that there are those who tell you not to give anything to these roadside beggars, but I often do. I think: ‘There but for the grace of God, I go.’ Maybe it is better to find Jesus in the homeless shelters, the nursing homes, the food pantries, in the slums of our cities and towns...


Jesus is there. Once you find Him you will know Him and He will know you.”

~Paul Pennick

Working Together to Make a Difference

Providing relief to those

in need in Jesus’ name.

Help empower others toward a more abundant life - physically, spiritually and financially.

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