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......And as the sun sets, where and in whom did I see the Lord?

GLO Ministry...

was founded by Deacon Richard Pitt on September 5, 2018. From the beginning the focus has been to reach out to the poor, forgotten and the homeless. Sharing God's Love, Care and Concern through ACTION, recognizing the dignity of every individual.  We serve hot meals two times a week on the streets of Grand Rapids. No one is turned away. 

Lending A Hand

We are called to do whatever we can to give dignity to the life of God within the created person. Sometimes it may be just the simple things to acknowledge that they are here and of great worth in the eyes of God, regardless of their situations and sometimes the choices that they make. 

Gospel Living Outreach In Action

GLO Ministry Serves an average of 290 meals per week at Heartside Park on Wednesdays and Saturdays 11:30am -12:30pm. We serve a hardy chili using 60 lbs. of  hamburger per week,  another Hot entree, chips & salsa, dessert and bottled water. No one is turned away.  We also provide seasonal hats, scarves, gloves, warm socks and personal hygiene items.

We have been reaching out to the homeless on the streets of Grand Rapids since 2018.  Sun, rain, snow and ice doesn't stop us from serving. I and the volunteers truly enjoy reaching out and visiting with the people as they share their stories.

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