• Richard Pitt

January Update

In January we supplied 240 bowls of chili, sandwiches and desserts. I was called the "Chili man" by a gentleman on the street and told that the food was appreciated (even had a few special requests). We served a variety of sandwiches and wraps this month. We prepare meals on Tuesday and delivery on Wednesday. Saturday is also a delivery day but usually consist of a snack and hygiene products.

Here is a small glimpse of what was distributed in January:

  • hot chocolate

  • turkey sandwiches

  • ham and cheese sandwiches

  • chicken wraps

  • chili

  • chips

  • Doritos

  • cherry dessert

  • Oreo dessert

  • large Rice Krispie squares

  • underwear

  • chapstick

  • Kleenex packs

  • lotions

  • soaps

  • foot powder

  • boots

  • socks

  • coats

  • hand and foot warmers

Help would be greatly appreciated for meal prep or delivery.

Please consider donating your time either with preparing meals on Tuesday, scooping soup on Wednesday mornings, or delivering items on Wednesday/Saturday.


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